The CK Culture Boutique is situated in Xiaopu Art Village in the eastern Beijing suburb of Tongzhou.

The CK (Cultural Keys) Culture Boutique offers the opportunity to buy original pieces of traditional Chinese art not commonly found in other stores.

We sell pre-made and custom-made calligraphy, and also offer unique Chinese paintings, papercuttings, scrolls, painted gourds, and ceramic rabbit gods.



The CK Culture Boutique is currently closed for the holiday (reopening on Saturday October 10th 2020).
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

For urgent matters, or to arrange collection of your custom artwork, please call us on 18611558781 or add us on WeChat at AJDonnelly.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

By Appointment

Saturday - Sunday

12pm - 6pm


While it is outside the city, our store in Tongzhou is still very convenient and easy to get to!

By taxi

A taxi from downtown Beijing (Sanlitun, for example) takes around an hour and costs around 80RMB. Simply show the driver the following address or enter Lantian Kindergarten / 蓝天幼儿园 into Didi (the store is one block south of the kindergarten).



宋庄镇, 小堡村

小堡北街 191号(北门A)


Please note that while the correct name of our village and street is Xiaopu, some drivers, and some western map apps, will call it Xiaobao. This is because the character 堡 has two pronunciations.


By bus

A bus from downtown to Xiaopu Village is very cheap and easy to take! Buses run from the station under the ring road at Guomao (国贸) . You can take either the 808 or 809 bus, both of which leave from the east side of the station under the edge of the overpass. Take the bus to Xiaopu Shangye Guangchang (小堡商业广场). The journey takes one hour and costs 1.5RMB with a Yikatong transportation card or 6RMB if you pay cash.  Once you get off, our store is a ten minute walk. See the map below for walking directions.


By subway

Take Line 6 to Dongxiayuan. Once you arrive, take Exit B and call a Didi outside the subway to the above address. The drive takes 10 minutes and costs around 20RMB.


Click the images below for larger maps of where we are. If you have any trouble finding us, or need help arranging travel, feel free to contact us. You can reach us at 18611558781 or 89595202, or on WeChat at AJDonnelly.